Wednesday, 19 October 2016


They do not hunt their opponents wearing masks, with guns and knives, but every each day they have a consistent desire to bring fear, condemnation and smell of prison to those who oppose government

By Nyalubinge Ngwende
What we should think, think about and make meaning from various issues happening in the way we are governed is no longer our democratic birthright, but a practice defined by the Patriotic Front culture of misgovernment. This is because of Kambwili—information minister, Kampyongo—home affairs minister and Kanganja—Inspector General of Police. Notice the first letter of their names: it comes to triple K, giving Zambia its own version of Ku Klux Klan.

Alias KKK trio: Kambwili, Kampyongo and Kangaja

Though they are not a replica version of their USA namesake in hating and wrecking havoc on anything that is associated with the black community, the Zambian KKK trio still has a dangerous plan—to exterminate anything associated with opposition and jail all citizens who speak against government. 

They do not hunt their opponents wearing masks, with guns and knives, but every each day they have a consistent desire to bring fear, condemnation and smell of prison to those who oppose government, its bad policies and governance record. Did I say they don’t use guns? They still can instruct police to shoot. 

The KKK feel they have unquestioned power to dictate to us the manner we should engage in political and social dialogue. If government annoys us, the KKK wants us not to respond with ridicule and logical perceptions we make out of what is clearly going wrong about our leaders.  They want social media to be a place of ululations for President Edgar Lungu and his mistakes of ministers who have failed to tell him that the creation of a ministry of religion is whacky; out of any sensible creations that even God cannot condone. It is a sin against the economy of the country, its budget deficit and the social problems that will engulf the poor as a result of huge external debt.

It is also sad that when government decides to remove a subsidy on either fuel or farm production the only explanation of why this is done that people should accept as truth is that from government. No matter how shallow and failure to take into consideration other factors of economic thinking that make sense, government still wants the public to sing praises. Even when we are discontented, the KKK wants us to be disinterested—keep quiet if we cannot support government mismanagement. 

The government this month increased fuel prices in a move people concluded was a result of the removal of subsidies as imposed by the International Monetary Fund.

The social media citizens have gone agog discussing the effects of the increase of pump price for fuel. 

The common concern was that the measure would cause a rise in prices of consumer goods and bring suffering to the poor. A statement from state house was at variance saying the poor would benefit as fuel and electricity subsidies only benefited the rich. Social media economic pundits ridiculed the government's thinking, which annoyed the KKK.

First it was Kambwili who warned people who were using social media against spreading propaganda over subsidies removal. Kambwili said it was wrong to spread false stories that the country was going to experience a rise in prices of consumer goods.

In Kambwili's view such suggestions were intended to bring discontent against a legitimate government.

Kambwili said  Zambia Information Communication Technology Authority was working to fish out all those behind the subsidies false information so that they can face the law.
Second was Kampyongo who said there is growing tendency on social media to break law and order. Kampuongo said this country is governed by law and order and anyone who wants to bring anarchy will face the police.

Just yesterday Kangaja was in the top ZNBC main news story saying police are investigating and quickly closing in on people who are abusing social media.

Now that all credible private media has been cowered into fear of being closed, licenses suspended and managers brutalised by police or warned and cautioned on fake criminal charges under the State Security Act, social media becomes the next target of the KKK spread of fear. But we refuse.

We refuse because we also have the skill and knowledge as well as democratic rights to understand, interpret and debate the good or bad, right or wrong about PF policies and programmes.  The Kkk, we don't want you to force on us your meaning of government undoing of our democracy and economy; we have a democratic birthright  to see through the political, social and economic meaning of your every move and position on public affairs as government. 

We refuse your line of thought that government is perfect. We refuse to belong and accept your culture of what are clearly mistakes as our country deserves better than the ignominious regime with its creature, the KKK.

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