Thursday, 17 January 2013

Political Corruption Stinks like Shit

When it comes to politics, the media are like bush pigs that will attack you when your pants are down as you shit (defecate) in the bush. As you pull your pants to run away, do not forget to also pick up the doves you just shot from your ass. If you do, the pigs will remain feasting on them

By Nyalubinge Ngwende 
You can take a secluded path and sit yourself among the shrubs and do the foul call of nature, or go to the ivory tower and relieve yourself, wipe out the backside using a newspaper that is politically on your side, but the fact is that shit still stinks and at one end it will foul the air and attract flies.

This is also true about how our politicians steal public funds. Their predecessor, the MMD government, may have taken a secluded path in the trail of committing corrupt acts while, the current Patriotic Front government, may choose to openly commit those acts and use government papers and elected representative to try and legitimise the wrongs, but the fact remains: theft is theft!

Theft means taking something that is not legally or legitimately yours, whether by writing it in the government books or not. There is no way an office that is not established by the constitution of the country can be appropriated public funds. There is also no way a government can allocate funds to build a retirement home of a President who is barely one year-old in office for a five-year term.

This is the position the Patriotic Front government in Zambia finds itself in. It has been trying to justify its actions that border on moral wrongs; using parliament to allocate K1.5 billion to the office of the First Lady Christine Kaseba and another K1.4 billion for the retirement home for President Sata.

God Save Us From The Hands Of Pharao

Let me say I am in high spirits of knowing that Zambia is yet to have the best of leadership than what The Post Newspaper and the charlatans out there are trying to make us believe at the moment.

I am sad with what is happening concerning the police pursuing opposition political leaders for taking a walk in the market. I join those crying foul and praying that Zambia must be liberated from the hands of Pharao.

I have hope about this because I believe The Voice of the PEOPLE, is the Voice of GOD! In our cry we regret having allowed, for the first time in our history, to bring out a President who does not respect the rights of others and feels overly important about himself in the presence of others. Is this not what psychology terms as narcissist behaviour?

I am crying with others over what has continued to happen in this country concerning the illegal ban of opposition political activities by the police, under the silent instructions of the PF leadership.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Stella Libongani, Save Us Your Sophism On Public Order Act

Her argument in supporting the manner in which the police have enforced the Public Order Act is a sophism laden with poor understanding of what politics in the realm of civilized democracy are supposed to be.

By Nyalubinge Ngwende

What again? Stella Libongani says that the police see nothing wrong with the Public Order Act.

Addressing a media briefing on December 28, 2012 at Southern Sun Hotel, Libongani said the Public Order Act allows the police to enforce the law properly.

She also believes that the law makes every Zambian to enjoy their rights and freedoms, and that political parties have other opportunities to communicate with the public other than public meetings.

She further feels that police has a preserve of judgment to determine the dangers of a public political meeting.

This statement exposes huge gaps (1) between the way Libongani misunderstands fundamental human rights and freedoms, and the way these entitlements function in a democracy, and (2) between her orientation of police duties and the prevention and protection—the two ends that any law is purposed to attain.