Saturday, 24 January 2015


Will Edgar Lungu Deliver A Militaristic Rule Or A Judicious One? 
 By Nyalubinge Ngwende
It would have been better to have United Party for National Development (UPND) leader, Hakainde Hichilema, win the Presidential elections in Zambia.

Hakainde, otherwise known as HH, and his UPND team together with those who endorsed him put up a formidable campaign; it is the name of the game, a winner had to emerge.

The election is over despite four constituencies of about 91,000 voters remaining. UPND leader HH has already squealed “Edgar Lungu steals election” on the party’s website.

HH claims the election result was predetermined in favour of PF’s Lungu. Whatever that means, this vote had predictions.

The major prediction is one fact that cannot be ruled out: based on the love of the Copperbelt and Northern Provinces still have for Patriotic Front (PF) and late President Michael Sata, and the endorsement from former President Rupiah Banda for Edgar Lungu.

Edgar has won it, but there is still a lot to see out of this victory.

When I looked in the stars I saw Edgar is Scorpio, otherwise an Eagle. There are problems of full use of military ways in Edgar.

The nation still remembers the way he handled those deportation in Gestapo style. These deportations involved the Rwanda Priest from the Eastern province and some business brothers from Italy.

Lungu also behaved in a very illegal way over former President Rupiah Banda’s passport which was held by the state, refusing Banda to travel on international engagement on which he was invited in his capacity as former head of state.

He, however, still realises about people he has stung, but seems to say “it was their own fault”. Look at the way he got back to Rupiah Banda and asked him for huge assistance in the election.

Edgar was grounded and his campaign was running to a standstill, but when Rupiah Banda happily came forward and endorsed him, the PF candidate was airborne and looked organised again.

Was a big deal cut between Edgar and RB? What is that deal? We will never live to know, Edgar is a secretive Scorpio—whose way of doing things is so subliminal psychology, bordering on manipulation. That is the true nature of a Scorpio, it does not go for the target, but it attracts the target to its ‘shrewd’ ways. 

Some people say God was in Edgar’s favour, I say the stars were. He is Scorpio born on November 17, that is his Sun Sign and that is Zambia’s Sun Sign, too. What a coincidence, Zambia is also seen as an Eagle Nation, a perfect selection of the symbol by the founding fathers of the country.

Some people think the Eagle as national symbol was just an accidental pick, but Zambia is Scorpio, whose symbol is also an Eagle.

Edgar also militated his way to the PF candidature, putting blinders to anything that was happening on the both sides of the path, crawled all his way to getting what he wanted as those who opposed him got stung.

Those who stand in Lungu’s way will be fore warned to get the heck out of the way and if they do not, the man has the ability of sticking out his bite.

Edgar Lungu will have to learn to run an open government. On this he has even a lot of problems as can be seen from the way he behaved on the little task of releasing the road map on the constitution making process.

When UPND got out its roadmap, the whole PF campaign team alleged the opposition stole a government roadmap and told police to investigate and bring people to book.

Scorpios also makes people with a good understanding of the law, but may overprint the concept of justice to a point of using it for restitution. They are jealousy and seek revenge.

These are general characteristics, but let us wait and see if they manifest in our new President. Do not get surprised next time you see certain things come out exactly like analysed here. Bon Voyage!


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