Thursday, 17 January 2013

God Save Us From The Hands Of Pharao

Let me say I am in high spirits of knowing that Zambia is yet to have the best of leadership than what The Post Newspaper and the charlatans out there are trying to make us believe at the moment.

I am sad with what is happening concerning the police pursuing opposition political leaders for taking a walk in the market. I join those crying foul and praying that Zambia must be liberated from the hands of Pharao.

I have hope about this because I believe The Voice of the PEOPLE, is the Voice of GOD! In our cry we regret having allowed, for the first time in our history, to bring out a President who does not respect the rights of others and feels overly important about himself in the presence of others. Is this not what psychology terms as narcissist behaviour?

I am crying with others over what has continued to happen in this country concerning the illegal ban of opposition political activities by the police, under the silent instructions of the PF leadership.

This bad spirit that has haunted the police under Sata's Patriotic Front government will have a terrible backlash that no amount of force by the army or police will one day be able to contend.

There is no way any reasonable government that respects the rights of others can choose to make it a case for an opposition leader to walk through a market place and greet fellow citizens. But this is happening in Zambia today in front of all international diplomats who continue to remain quite.

There is also no way a government can deliberately choose to annoy the masses in a manner that every clear mind sees is injustice, with all the civil society in the country cowering under as though this is a cursed nation that does not need democracy.

The same laws our fore-bearers fought the colonial masters for to bring Independence to Zambia are still chosen by our own democratically elected leaders to oppress us.

Does the Patriotic Front government think the spirit of liberation died with the colonial regime in 1964? Or does PF think reasonable Zambians who love democracy, as sweet as it is, were all sedated by the PF victory after September 20, 2011 that they can no longer see the evils of tyranny?

Like Job cursing the day he was born in the bible, we may live to curse that day this country voted for the first time in our history to usher in an unreasonable leadership that campaigned on unreasonable policies and accidentally got an election victory because people only hoped for change?

I love to work as though there is no other day, but as I sat in the office today, I just opted out because it has seriously troubled me that things are being allowed to spiral in the abyss. I fear for the political rights of every Zambian, in particular people, like NAREP President Elias Elias C. Chipimo, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and others who have taken the battle front to point out actions of heavy handedness by the PF government.